chron mieszkanie przed włamaniem

Safety tip #2 Don't share you secrets with the public!

Protecting your flat from burglary does not only stand for using an anti-theft lock and having a dangerous dog. It also stands for being aware that some behavior can provoke an intrusion into the flat! One of them is overexposing your personal information throughout the social media.

How do burglars work?
Like everyone else, burglars look for information on the Internet - also about potential victims. Boasting about new gadgets or pictures showing the interior of the flat can stand for an encouragement to a burglar and a message which says that we are an attractive target! Another valuable asset for the burglar are holiday photos. This is an obvious message which says that we are not at home. At that time, the task of a burglar is easier.

How to avoid burglary?
If we really have to boast about a new TV on our social media account, let us take care of the privacy settings of such content. Maybe it is just enough for some close friends to see them? It is a similar situation with holiday trips. We should never share such content publicly! Each social network allows you to limit the visibility of shared content.

Let us remember these things if we do not want the joy of new equipment or a wonderful holiday to end with our flat being broken into!