Elephant door™ alarm for flats/apartments

Simple. Effective. Smart. Wireless.

Unlike standard alarm systems elephant door™ is a standalone device. No fitter needed, no complex parts or wires. It’s wireless, battery-powered, and sends notifications to your smartphone.

How does elephant door™ works?

The goal is to not let the burglar in. That's why our original Smart Warning System technology detects break-in and entrance attempts and uses a very loud siren to deter the burglar.

Smart Warning System reacts to specific door vibration recognized as a break-in attempt. Immediately launches short signal of 110+ dB siren and sends you a yellow notification to your smartphone. However it will not trigger when someone just knocks your door.

When elephant door is armed each door opening is recognized as a break-in. In this case elephant door immediately launches extra loud 110+ dB siren to scare the burglar away. You receive a red notification so you quickly know that there's been a burglary.

Easy Install Technology Easy Install Technology

Ready to secure you

Our Easy Install Technology maximally simplifies the installation. Elephant door™ is the most-accessible alarm available!

  • PrzyjaznyQuick&Easy
    You need just 1 minute to fix elephant door™ to the door. The whole first launch process takes just 5 minutes. That’s enough to secure your flat.
  • UniwersalnyMulti-purpose
    Magnetic fixing system fits every entrance door to a flat or house. It also works well on internal or balcony doors.
  • ElektronikaWireless
    Forget the tools to install or renovations after installing the alarm. Removing elephant door™ from the door is also very easy. It leaves no marks on the door. It is the perfect solution if you rent a flat.
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Small but powerfull

Smart Warning System

is our unique technology used in elephant door™. It allows artificial neural networks to analyse data with high precision. This helps tell the difference between an attempted intrusion and an actual break-in.

  • BiżuteriaAccelerometer
    Analyses vibration
  • ElektronikaGyroscope
    Detects door movement
  • ElektronikaBluetooth & Wi-Fi
    Connect with your smartphone
  • Elektronika110+ dB alarm buzzer
    Scares the burglar away

Absolute freedom

A complete smart security system in a single device.
No extra fees or charges.

  • BiżuteriaStand-alone
    The integrated LiPo battery lasts up to 40 days of operation. Your apartment will be secured when you leave!
  • ElektronikaConvenient
    Charge it via microUSB exactly like your smartphone. You don’t have to remember to replace the battery!
  • ElektronikaPortable
    Moving is not a problem. It is also the only one wireless alarm which you can take with you on a journey.

Undeniably beautiful

Technology and design wonderfully combined