chron mieszkanie przed włamaniem

What to do after your house was broken into?

Everyone who experienced a robbery knows how shocking it is. After coming back from work, holidays, or a business trip a sight of a plundered apartment can be devastating. In one moment you lose not only your beloved equipment, hidden savings or valuable keepsakes. You also lose a sense of security. In such situation, under the influence of strong emotions you can feel at a loss and have no idea how to proceed. What to do if you notice that someone has broken into your house? What to do to avoid further unpleasant experiences?

Do not enter the apartment!

Usually before entering the apartment you will notice an open door or broken locks. The first, natural reaction is a desire to go inside and check what has happened. It’s a mistake. It may turn out that the burglar is still inside. If you catch such a person red-handed you can put yourself in harm’s way.

Regardless of whether you find out that something is off while you are in the corridor or only after entering your apartment, the first step is always to call the police. Inform the police about the situation and ask them to arrive right away. Try not to touch anything by the time the police officers come so that you do not interfere with the tracks and make it more difficult for the police officers to do their job. The next step would be to inform the insurer, building administrator, and apartment owner about the robbery if it’s a rented apartment.

How to make it easier for the police officers to do their job?

Time is often of the essence. The sooner the police know about the burglary, the greater the chances are that the burglar is caught and stolen items are retrieved. You can expect that the police officers will ask you to make a list of the stolen goods. In such a moment strong emotions are not your friend. That is why assessing the situation may prove to be a great challenge. Although it may seem a little bit over the top, it is good to keep an updated list of valuable items which are in your apartment.

The list should include serial numbers and markings present on your valuables. Pictures can be very useful in such case. At the end, it is worth to remember one more thing. Do not keep such list in a place where a burglar can find it. That would only make his task easier! It’s best to keep such list outside your home in digital form secured with a password that is difficult to guess.