chron mieszkanie przed włamaniem

Pet Friendly Super-alarm

We all love our home pets. They are like family members to us, they are our best friends during the good times as well as during the bad times. They are the keepers of our secrets, and when we fall asleep - the perfect 'pillows' :)

We cherish the moments spent with them and it is not enjoyable for us to leave them alone through the daily breaks when we go to our jobs. Most of us often think about their pets during the day.

We are in love with our wonderful quadrupeds, too. We get worried about them when we go out for longer periods of time, wondering if everything is alright with them, or if anyone hurts them.

By creating our intelligent door alarm, we also did our best to use it as a 'guard' for our puppies and kittens :) Elephant door™ is an easy-to-use device which protects our flat whenever we are not at home. At the same time, it ensures us that our pet is safe inside it. 

Your dog or cat can run freely around the apartment and it will not trigger the alarm. The alarm can be triggered only by a burglar coming from outside. And thanks to the notifications being sent over to Your smartphone, You always know if anything is happening, which allows You to react quickly.

Now, it can be safer and more secure for our beloved pet, because when it stays home alone, it has a guardian elephant!