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How to secure a flat? 5 simple tips for a holiday trip.

The weather is getting better and better and we are more willing to spend weekends somewhere outside our homes. However spring weekends full of sunshine have also a dark side... There are more burglaries during holidays. How to avoid a break-in to a flat? Just follow these few simple steps.

Always lock all the window and door locks

It might be obvious to you. However almost 30% of break-ins are made through unlocked doors or windows. Maybe we are not double-checking if we lock our home properly when we are in packing fever. Maybe someone decided to ventilate flat when out for holidays. Or maybe people are not aware of dangers caused by the unlocked flat. Remember that if you don’t lock your doors and windows, and someone breaks-in, you probably won’t get any insurance!

Never leave the keys in “secret places”!

Hiding your flat keys under a doormat, in doorpost, in a flowerpot or any other secret place is a very bad idea! A burglar will find your hiding place very easily and enter your flat without breaking the door lock. Soundlessly, unnoticed and without leaving any marks. In that situation, even the best security doors won’t work. If under any circumstances you use hiding place for your key, make sure you don’t leave them there while going on holidays.

Meet your neighbors

You don’t need to love all your neighbors but it’s worth to have a trusted one on your floor. The one who we know and whom we can leave our keys. Besides asking for watering plants and feeding fishes, you can ask him to turn on the lights in the evening in different rooms and receive mail from a mailbox. All that for not showing any marks that we left our home. If you don’t have trusted neighbor and don’t decide to leave keys for anyone just inform them about the absence. Tell him to pay attention when someone will appear in front of our door. Neighborly alertness is the thing that burglars hate the most. According to the surveys – burglars resign from planned burglary when neighbors paid attention to them.

Don’t share your plans of the trip

Many of us cannot imagine holidays without taking suitcases photos on the airport or a selfie under the palm tree. Similarly, many of us won’t think about that it might be an incentive to a burglar! They often watch people before the break-in. Information, that we left home for holidays may be the reason for action. If you can’t deny yourself the pleasure of boasting about holidays, then please double-check your privacy settings on social media profiles.

Make sure your flat is secured properly

High-class security doors and installation of an alarm system containing of multiple sensors may flip your home budget. However securing your apartment doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. Security doors are, of course, a great idea. They will make a break-in harder, however keep in mind that burglars can break every door. It’s good to have an alarm system installed too. Many apartments don’t need multiple sensors, because the only way inside is through the main door. In that situation, the best, easiest and most effective form of security will be a door alarm. Just like our elephant door – smart, wireless and easy to install.