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Safety tip #3 In case of a break-in, don’t enter the apartment!

What to do after your flat has been broken into?

It’s not hard to notice that someone has broken into your apartment. The most frequent sign is a broken or tempered door lock. Regardless whether you notice worrying signs before or after entering the flat, your reaction is immensely significant.

Tip 3: In case of a break-in, don’t enter the apartment!

When you see broken locks or a mess in the hallway you automatically want to know what’s happening inside. But at that moment, what’s most important is your safety. Don’t enter the flat if you are suspecting that someone is there. A burglar, caught red handed, may be dangerous.

Immediately call the police.

Regardless of the condition your flat is in the first step should always be notifying the police. Skilled professionals will be able to react correctly if the burglar has not yet left the premises. Even when you are already inside, try not to touch anything until the police arrives. The next step should be notifying the insurance agency and flat owner, if it is rented.

Be prepared

Don’t let yourself be surprised and secure your flat against a break-in in advance. Creating and regularly updating a list of valuable items kept in the apartment is a good idea. Thanks to the list you will inform the police about any missing objects. It’s important to keep it in a safe place, ideally outside the house.

However, remember that it’s best not to allow a break-in in the first place. That is why it’s worth thinking about securing the flat, for example taking advantage of the elephant door smart alarm, which you can install in just a few minutes.