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Safety tip #1: Why you should always lock all the window and door locks?

Living safely may be very easy. Following simple rules will help you avoiding tough situations. Check how to quickly secure your flat. Start living safely. It’s simple!

Tip 1: Always lock all the window and door locks.

Even if you just want to visit your closest neighbor or throw out trash. Even if leave your place just for few minutes! Keep in mind that you should also lock the door behind you as soon as you enter your flat.

Why is it so important to close windows and doors on all the locks?

If the door is open a thieve may quietly sneak into your flat and steal all the stuff you keep by the door. Most of us keeps there handbags and jackets with wallets and keys inside. A thieve needs just few seconds to steal them. You might realize that you have been robbed many hours later! If a thief meet someone inside he pretends confused or drunk, apologizes and leaves.

Keeping your windows and doors locked is also important in case of a robbery. Insurance companies needs evidence of a break-in confirmed by the police. Check carefully special conditions of your insurance agreement.

You may not receive a compensation if you have left a door or window opened!

A good solution to increase security in your flat is to install a door alarm. A good door security system should detect any unwanted entry, deter a burglar with a loud siren and inform you about the danger. Thinking of security for your flat check elephant door™ smart door alarm. It’s a simple and secure security for flats!