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Are security doors an effective barrier against burglars?

Even the most solid security doors cannot be an effective obstacle for a thief. Burglars can handle such doors in a matter of minutes by using such simple tools as a screwdriver or a crowbar.

So if an experienced thief requires just a little more time to open a complex lock, perhaps an additional security measure against theft might be worth considering. Are you sure you want to use services of a security company? It might be a quite effective solution but it generates additional costs and requires installing an alarm system, as well as forces the user to memorize a code and use the alarm system keypad. It is not a very convenient method and in the long run it can be a hassle as you would need to type the code each time you enter, as well as pay monthly fee for the monitoring.

You’ve probably wondered more than once what would be an effective, and at the same time cheap and convenient way to make your apartment secure. Do you know that there exists a comprehensive security system which is both functional and effective, and at an affordable price? Door security system called elephant door™ does not require professional installation, many complicated elements or wires. As a standalone device it is an excellent alternative to traditional alarm systems. You can put elephant door™ device on your door in a minute and charge it via micro USB. You pay for a guarantee of your security at the moment you make a purchase and there are no further fees. Elephant door™ is equipped with a unique Smart Warning System technology which can detect attempts of breaking in by analysing vibrations, recognize whether a door has been open thanks to motion analysis and deter a burglar by 110 dB loud alarm signal while at the same time sending a notification to your smartphone. Do you need anything more than an intelligent, simple, and small but powerful elephant door™?

Security is one of the things we value the most. If you are away on your dream holidays and you are not sure whether unwelcome guests may pay a visit to your house or company, then you cannot fully relax. Thanks to elephant door™ your long awaited vacations or a weekend away from home will be a truly enjoyable experience.