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How the Smart Warning System works

One of the main concerns that appear when consider buying the elephant door wireless alarm for an apartment is whether it will respond to knocking on the door. None of us would like to hear the alarm siren activated by a postman knocking on the door!


The elephant door alarm has been equipped with the unique and innovative Smart Warning System technology. This technology is based on the analysis of the signal recorded with two independent sensors. The accelerometer and gyroscope included in the device are the most sensitive sensors available on the market. This guarantee the highest quality of measurements. When armed, the device constantly analyzes the signals and processes them with the intelligent detection algorithms network.


This original and innovative technology detects and classifies different types of vibrations and motion. Therefore, the Smart Warning System can distinguish non-dangerous door vibrations, e.g. caused by knocking on the door or accidental hit from attempting to drill or break the door lock. In addition to this, the device reacts to every door opening. You cannot open the door unnoticed when the elephant door alarm is armed!


This short video shows how "insensitive" the elephant door alarm is to knock on the door. Do not worry, the elephant door will secure your home, but it will not bother you unnecessarily!